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Customer Feedback


Mrs Clair Woolsey - Worthing

We recently moved into a new build house and desperately needed additional storage space in the kitchen. Phil had done some jobs for us a couple of months ago and he was the first person we thought of to help. We had identified a small area to the right of our fridge but didn’t really know how to make best use of it. After contacting Phil and providing a couple of pictures and measurements, he quickly put a plan together and we are delighted with the result. The previously unused and useless area has been transformed into a cabinet which slides out revealing much-needed shelf space.

We can’t recommend Phil highly enough. He is professional, courteous, hard working and utterly reliable. It’s very reassuring to find someone with the integrity and work ethic which means we don’t think twice about asking him for help and will do again in the future.


Mr Rob Angell - Chichester

Very pleased Phil - Thank you buddy - Awesome


Mrs Angy Kale - Bognor Regis

Two bedrooms to be prepared and painted including ceilings. Phil was prompt and completed the rooms efficiently. He left the rooms clean and tidy . I would definitely use him again.


Mrs Susan Moon - Portsmouth

Love my new lights fitted by the wonderful Phil Kale. No Hassle, No Mess, Quick done & dusted. Highly Recommend. Thank you

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